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About Zoning Updates

What is a Zoning Update?

This process will result in updated zoning regulations that reflect the vision and goals in the Comprehensive Plan. The updated zoning will outline a clear development review process and updated land use and zoning maps to ensure that applicants and review boards have a clear understanding of the Town needs requirements.

Why Update?

The purpose of the land use regulations and zoning update is to ensure that the future land use vision and proposed recommendations outlined in the Town's 2021 Comprehensive Plan, align with the needs of Towns diverse community and are easily implemented. 

Who is Facilitating the Process?

The update process is being led by the Zoning Update Steering Committee and facilitated by Town staff and a consultant team lead by MJ Engineering and Land Surveying.


The update process will include public engagement to gather input from residents, business owners, property owners, and other stakeholders in the community. Your participation in this process is vital!

Zoning Update Steering Committee

Jack Conway, Town Supervisor
Matt Mastin (Planning Board)
Jeff Pangburn (Zoning Board)
Tina Tierney (Town Board Member)
Victoria Manieri (Conservation Advisory Council designee)
Josh Wainman (Business Community Representative, Wainschaf Associates, Inc.)

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